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Porter-Cable 690LR Review

PORTER-CABLE 690LROver the years, Porter Cable has put together some absolutely brilliant products. Their 690LR fixed-based router is definitely a product that falls into this category! Despite the astoundingly low price, this is an excellent router that will serve you admirably for many years. With many excellent features and an extensive warranty, the 690LR is definitely worth exploring further. Below, you will be able to do just that!

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 The Porter-Cable 690LR is deniably constructed out of the highest quality materials available. The 11-amp motor is capable of producing a 1 ¾ peak horsepower and 27,500 RPM, which will bog down, even under the most extreme tasks.

The heavy duty motor housing is constructed out of aluminum material, which will protect the motor from debris and damage, during use. The lever is designed with a cam-lock mechanism, which will offer superior consistency and high, steady performance, since the lever can be height adjusted accordingly. The accuracy provided cannot be denied, which is within 1/128”. In order for the user to receive this precise accuracy, the Porter-Cable has a micro-depth adjustor.

The router requires a 110 volt power source, in order to operate efficiently, which is your traditional home or workshop electrical outlet. This is definitely a great benefit, since you will not need to install a 220 volt outlet, which would be very inconvenient for everyone.

The 690LR is compatible with most router tables, but may require the use of the base, in order for it to mount onto the table appropriately. The mounting base is equipped with holes for precise, quick, and simple mounting. The hole size in the base plate is 1 3/16”, so be sure to keep this in mind, when you are purchasing the Porter-Cable.

 The overall dimensions of the product are 12×5.5×8.6 inches. It only weighs 8 pounds. With these features and the user-friendly handles, the user will be able to use the router effortlessly, while maintaining complete control. Also, the auto-release collection system offers tremendous convenience and makes it very easy to remove the bit, once the project has been completed. Regardless of how extensively you use the 690LR, you will be able to do so with comfort.

There are many routers on the market and the majority of them offer some type of warranty. Unfortunately, most offer a one-year warranty and nothing more. The Porter-Cable 690LR comes with a three-year warranty, which greatly exceeds all other companies and products. During this period of time, you will be able to maintain your peace of mind, while knowing that the product will be repaired and returned, if it malfunctions. Also, the product comes with a one-year service contract and a ninety-day money back guarantee.



  • Comfortable, ergonomic handles, which make use easy
  • Powerful motor that can complete nearly any task
  • Cam-lock level for easy coarse height adjustments
  • Extensive warranty
  • Quick and easy bit removal
  • Very affordable



  • Hard to adjust the depth
  • Difficulty getting the bit to stay in place, even when tightly secured



Overall, there is a lot to like about the Porter-Cable 690LR. The product’s low price is definitely attractive and compelling. It is easy enough to use and will be able to handle most tasks. There are a few flaws, which will ultimately become annoying, after a period of use. A lengthy warranty helps to make up for these, by offering longevity and peace of mind. For that, the 690LR is definitely worth looking into further. Be sure to check it out today.


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