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Festool 574342 OF 1400 EQ Router Review


Festool 574342There are many consumers looking for an excellent router, which will be able to manage all tasks thrown at it. Unfortunately, many people have never heard of Festool. This is definitely a problem, because the company has released some very respectable tools, including the 574342 OF 1400 EQ Router. Although this router might look a little different, this design makes it a little easier to use. Below, you will learn more about this specific product.

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All craftsmen rely on their power tools to make their crafting and home improvement tasks easier, but if you do not own the proper router, you will become frustrated. The Festool 574342 is classed as a 1400 watt, medium-power router, which will provide the user with a very power cut and simpler operation.

The 1400-watt power is converted to 2.3 horsepower, which is much higher and stronger than all the lower quality router brands. You will be able to cut through hard oak, hickory, beech, and aspen, without issues.

The handles are ergonomically designed, so you can utilize the router for longer periods of time, without feeling too much stress on your hands, fingers, and wrists. This feature will also give you more control over the router, so you will receive a much smoother operations and precise cut.

The one-wrench bit change out is much better than the two-wrench, which can potentially cause slips and increase the time that is required for change outs. The motor cam spindle lock makes base change outs, so much easier, as well. Overall, you will definitely find that you can complete all of your routing tasks, in a much quicker manner.

When purchasing this specific router, you will receive a number of helpful items, including a very handy case. The carrying case is very handy and will allow you to carry everything with ease. Also, the package includes an extraction hood and chip catcher. These make using the product so much easier, because they will keep the dust and chips out of your face! A wrench, ½” and ¼” collet are also included. A convenient detachable power cord is included and helps to make the product a little more mobile.

When attempting to purchase a router, you want a lengthy warranty. Despite the relatively unknown name, Festool is willing to stand behind their products. The 574342 Router is covered, by a moderately lengthy 3-year warranty. This is much better than some of the others.



  • A longer warranty than many other routers
  • 120 Volts and 1400 watts of power
  • Includes a carry case, which is exceptionally helpful
  • Collects all dust and debris
  • The design is effective and gives the user entire control



  • A little more costly than others
  • Somewhat louder
  • Visibility is limited, during use



For a company that is lesser known, Festool has done a great job with the 574342 Router. There is no doubt that the router is a little more expensive than others, but it is equipped with some great features. The router is more powerful, effortless to control and includes many additional items. If you’re looking for a router than can accomplish everything, the Festool 574342 OF 1400 EQ Router is definitely your best bet!


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