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DeWalt DW618PK Plunge and Fixed-Base Router Review

DEWALT DW618PKOver the years, DeWalt has become one of the most reputable names, within the tool industry. Their battery powered tools and routers are usually some of the best. Although their products are somewhat more costly, there is usually good reasoning behind this decision. The DeWalt DW618PK Plunge and Fixed-Base Router is one of the company’s more recognizable routers. Below, you will learn all you need to know about the router.

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 The DeWalt DW618PK is equipped with a 12 amp motor, which is larger and more powerful than the competitor brand. With 2 ¼ horsepower and variance speeds of 8,000-24,000 rpm, you will be able to cut through some of the hardest wood, without bog downs or inconsistent cuts.

The greatest benefit that you will receive from the DeWalt router, besides the powerful motor is the tool-free motor cam lock. You will be able to make quick and simple depth adjustments, which will surely make your routing jobs more tolerable. You will also receive a more precise and tedious cut, since the depth adjustment ring will allow you to make 1/64” increment adjustments. The DW618PK also offers vertical adjustments, as well.

With the very unique design of the dust collection and built-in extraction feature, your workshop will stay so much cleaner than as if you were utilizing another router brand. This dust collection system will remove 95% of the dust, so you can breathe better and your workshop will stay a lot cleaner, which will cut down your cleaning time significantly.

The DeWalt router is also equipped with a soft start mechanism, which will decrease the wear and tear on the motor, so you will receive a much longer service life from the DW618Pk. This benefit is important, when you consider the high price tag of most power tools.

 When purchasing this comprehensive kit, you’ll receive many accessories. The kit box is very handy and will ensure that the tool and other accessories are protected and safe, when not in use. You also receive the fixed base and plunge base, which allow the product to be used in two individual manners. Two collets and a wrench are also thrown in. Other accessories include a large-hole sub-base, vacuum adapter, and a sub-base concentricity gauge.

 When purchasing an expensive tool, you will want to ensure that you can do so with peace of mind. The DeWalt DW618PK allows this, because it comes with a one-year warranty. A one-year service contract is also included. Although this is limited, when compared to others, it is still sufficient for most consumers. Also, the product offers a 30-day no risk trial. You can experiment with the product for a short period of time. If you do not like it, you can return it for a refund, within the first 30 days.



  • Plenty of handy accessories and a convenient carry box
  • Superbly powerful with 2.25 HP
  • Integrated dust collector
  • Removable power cord
  • Excellent value



  • Warranty is a little slim
  • A little heavier than others



At the end of the day, DeWalt has done an excellent job with their DW618PK. The product is a little more costly, but the increase is more than justified. The router is more powerful, easier to use and more reliable than many others. If you’re not worried about the shorter warranty, the DeWalt DW618PK is well worth the price!


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