Add A ‘Personal Touch’ To Your Woodwork Projects – Wood Router Basics

router basicsWoodworks look great in your house and if you can customize them according to the ambience and decor, then there is nothing like it. And, in today’s age of modern equipments and DIY tools, nothing is impossible.

So, if you are looking for some personalized woodwork with intricate detailing, wood routers are the best. Wood routers make your job easy, fast and almost precise. They do a a good job on wooden joints and edges, which otherwise is a difficult task to be done perfectly.

It is very important to choose the right wood router for your job, once you have the exact specifications in mind. You are the one, who will be working with the router, hence it is important that you are comfortable holding and moving them. Check these before you buy a wood router- the grip, the weight and ease to move them, in real motion patterns. The routers are built to work with precision, so if you are comfortable handling the tool, you can expect the best results from them.

There are two types of routers – fixed and plunge. A fixed router is used when you have minor works of shaping edges or making joints. However, a plunge wood router has moving parts in terms of router bits, which can be adjusted to make inner cuts and curves with precision. These types of routers are required for detailed woodwork, where you need to control the drills.

There are few more important aspects, that you need to take care of, while buying a wood router:

Power: It is better to opt for a low horsepower router, if you have more of inner cuts and detailed work, whereas heavy woodwork of shaping edge would need a more powerful router as it needs to cut more wood, off the edges.

Base: It is important to fit your wood router on to a heavy base, so that it doesn’t tip over, while you are working yet it is easy to move around.

Adjustment: The quality of your woodwork will surely depend on how efficiently you are able to use the router. Hence, it is important for you to try and test the adjustments and bits so that you are able to shift to different modes easily, especially in a plunge router.

Router Bits: Check the number of bits included, while making a purchase. Compare and contrast the price, power and types of bits included before buying. Choose the one that includes bits of your choice, so that you don’t have to buy separately, which can be expensive.

It is better to buy a branded, sturdy wood router than a cheaper alternative because it might result in permanent errors in your woodwork. A well-built router will be easy to handle, maintain and control when doing quality work with wood.

These are few wood router basics that will help you make the right decision to purchase to make the best out of your wood router.

So, start creating attractive pieces of furniture with a wood router to beautify your home, with a marked difference.

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